La Prévention des Grossesses non Désirées, et d’infections Sexuellement Transmissibles chez les Jeunes à travers le Sports et loisir dans la Ville de Kigali

En collaboration avec l’AIMF et la ville de Kigali, AKWOS a lancé des activités de prévention des grossesses non désirées et des maladies sexuellement transmissibles chez les adolescents dans la ville de Kigali à travers le sport. Ces activités ont été conduites à partir de juin 2022 jusqu’en décembre 2022, et les activités se sont…


Football tournaments for women teams in Musanze and Rubavu district

The recent big activity we had in our project “Strengthening the role of young women in preventing and resolving conflict and peacebuilding through sports” were two 3-day tournaments for the “women sports clubs for peace” (WSCFP) teams in our target districts Musanze and Rubavu. Five teams per district competed and they played some fantastic matches….


First Quarter Kvinna till Kvinna Project Activities

The first quarter of this year’s project “Strengthening the role of young women in preventing and resolving conflict and peacebuilding through sports” in partnership with Kvinna till Kvinna has finished and AKWOS looks back on a series of successfully implemented activities. The work on the field started with an introduction meeting to present the planned…

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Teenage Pregnancies Prevention Program

At Akwos Rwanda, we are asking important questions with regards to teenage sexuality and the consequences. We take a deep dive into asking; What are the causes of teen pregnancy? What are the signs that we need to be paying attention to? What are it’s effects to the society? And last but not least we…

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AKWOS used Peace Event opportunity to distribute food supplies to different families

Peace event activity brings together different peace clubs so to share different actionable approaches they use to solve conflicts, to promote gender equality, to fight GBV and to build peaceful homes in their respective communities. Peace club members used songs, sketches, drama, success stories, poems and insightful speeches to convey the message to the audience….