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Our Top Mission...

is to help everyone and bring them a better life.

Women’s Soccer, Rwanda

This project entails training female trainers, coaches, referees, and match commissioners in order to establish a solid Women Soccer Federation. Women’s soccer is a catalyst for unity and reconciliation.

Children's Voice, Rwanda

This project entails giving young homeless girls the opportunity to go to primary school and perform sports there. The children are also offered to tell their live’s story during a radio show called the Children’s Voice, which is broadcasted in the Kigali area. Only in march 2007 alone AKWOS was able to put 20 children in this program..

Women’s Soccer for Unity, Rwanda

Genocide left many of women survivors traumatized and with no more value for life, at the bed rock of society. No hope for change. This lady had lost hope for the future by integrating her in sports she gainned self confidence and is now capable of mobility others.