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Our Mission

AKWOS Mission is: “To Empower East-African Women, starting from Rwanda, through Sports and Education. By doing so, AKWOS will contribute to the alleviation of poverty , HIV/AIDS prevention and improving the well-being of women and girls in East-Africa, and in the Rwandan society in particular.
In pursuing this mission, AKWOS adopted the following specific objectives:

  1. To promote Women’s sports in Rwanda and in the Region;
  2. To raise Women’s awareness of sports activities;
  3. To assist Rwandan Women in the promotion of their rights;
  4. To assist Rwandan women in the creation of a forum for integration and Reconciliation through sports;
  5. To promote awareness and education among Rwandan Women about HIV/AIDS, Unity and Reconciliation, Women Rights, Gender-Based Violence , Peace and Security, Social and Economic Rights ;
  6. To provide a meeting ground inclusive of women from different classes, Educational and Ethnic backgrounds;
  7. To use sports as a tool to heal the trauma caused by the 1994 Rwanda Genocide;
  8. To monitor and evaluate Women project activities.