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About Us

Our mission

AKWOS Mission is: “To Empower East-African Women, starting from Rwanda, through Sports and Education. By doing so, AKWOS will contribute to the alleviation of poverty , HIV/AIDS prevention and improving the well-being of women and girls in East-Africa, and in the Rwandan society in particular.
In pursuing this mission, AKWOS adopted the following specific objectives:

  1. To promote Women’s sports in Rwanda and in the Region;
  2. To raise Women’s awareness of sports activities;
  3. To assist Rwandan Women in the promotion of their rights;
  4. To assist Rwandan women in the creation of a forum for integration and Reconciliation through sports;
  5. To promote awareness and education among Rwandan Women about HIV/AIDS, Unity and Reconciliation, Women Rights, Gender-Based Violence , Peace and Security, Social and Economic Rights ;
  6. To provide a meeting ground inclusive of women from different classes, Educational and Ethnic backgrounds;
  7. To use sports as a tool to heal the trauma caused by the 1994 Rwanda Genocide;
  8. To monitor and evaluate Women project activities.

Our objectives

  1. Promote women soccer in Rwanda and in the region.
  2. Draw the women’s attention to sport activities
  3. Assist Rwandan women promote their rights and self-confidence
  4. Promote awareness among Rwandan women about the dangers of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
  5. Create through women sports a forum for integration and reconciliation
  6. Provide a meeting point between the elite and uneducated women for exchange of ideas